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photo by Jo-Anne McArthur: pigs in their last moments of life being herded through the kill chute toward slaughter


“I saw the cop lift up the baby. When I look at the photos, I cry. The baby was screaming.” 
Freelance photographer Bill Hoenk was on hand to document the chaos following the second explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. His photograph of a Boston police officer carrying a wounded child is the cover image of TIME’s digital edition, a special report on the tragedy in Boston.
Read more here. (WARNING: graphic images)
(cover photo: Bill Hoenk)

 Such a terrible, striking image.

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After all of this is over, all that will have really mattered is how we treated each other. If we can live healthy lives without harming and killing animals, why wouldn’t we? To stop exploiting and killing animals when it is no longer necessary to our survival is part of our moral evolution. 

Hi Harrison. I miss you.

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~ Petition by: Occupy for Animals
This petition has been started by Occupy for Animals on February 3, 2013.
Every year, at a village near Hanoi, on the 6th day of the lunar new year, which this year is February 15, 2013 a pig is brutally chopped into two so that people can smear banknotes with its blood in the belief that it would bring luck.
The festival is known as the most brutal in the country and is condemned by many, including some who called on the government to stop the festival.
For more information, please visit:
Occupy for Animals had written and forwarded the signatures collected via our first petition ( to the president of Vietnam already three times, but received no response so that we must assume that the “festival” will be celebrated again this year.
By signing this petition, the message that you can read below and which is addressed to the president of Vietnam will be sent instantly to several Vietnamese embassies.
Thank you, in advance, for your signature and for asking your friends and family to sign this petition, too.
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